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In honor of our World Series Champion San Francisco Giants (eff yeah!) lets talk hotdogs. Its a guilty pleasure, the fastest of fast foods and a comforting reminder of the ballpark. The FiDi provides some excellent options but here are my 3 favorites:

Zog’s Dogs- The classic and beloved hotdog stand on Market Street. Carnival style hot dogs, corn dogs and sausages served on your basic spongey white bun plus chili-cheese fries. Great specials include the “Prop 8” (2 dogs on 1 bun) and “The Matrix” (one dog with a crispy slice of bacon). Bonus points for their fresh-squeezed lemonade; go to their website and download a coupon for a free one!

What’s up Dawg?- Tucked into an alley on Trinity Place, their motto is “The one with a SNAP” and its true. Emphasis on East-Coast dogs like the Chicago and New York; they even offer Pastrami. Good selection of chicken sausages, turkey and veggie dogs too. Recently I headed here craving a life-saving post-2am Mission-style bacon dog; sadly i was disappointed by the distinctly UN-crisp bacon slices.

Let’s be Frank- Parked at Justin Herman Plaza across from the Ferry Building, this cart is a welcome addition to the FiDi. Superior 100% grass-fed beef dogs, hormone, anti-biotic and nitrate free. The free-range beef and ACME rolls make all the difference. My personal pick: the “hot” dog: a gently spicy dog made from family-farmed pork. They offer a signature “devil sauce”, but tomato sauces DO NOT belong anywhere near a hotdog. Melt-in-your mouth grilled onions make for the perfect compliment.


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