Hapa Ramen

Hapa Ramen how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. First of all, banish any thought you might have of freeze dried bricks of brittle noodles wrapped in plastic. This is a whole different animal.

Richie Nakano and Co. are serving off the hook noodle soups at the Tuesday & Thuursday Ferry Plaza farmers’ market. I was first enthralled by the savory broth and house-made noodles at really traditional places like Sapporo-ya in Japantown. But what Richie’s doing is his own style, adding locally-sourced ingredients like crispy roast brussels sprouts and quivering 2″ cubes of pork belly to his own hand-pulled noodles in a rich, organic bone stock.

They mix it up to include other stuff like fried chicken, tonkatsu or veggies. Do yourself a favor and for $1 add a perfectly slow-cooked egg, the smooth yolk makes the whole rich soup even more viscous.

I gotta have it every week; seriously I’m addicted to this stuff. To paraphrase Herb Caen: given a choice between heaven and San Francisco with Hapa Ramen? I pick San Francisco every time.


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