You know you’re famous (or Taliban) when you are known by only one name, like Gaga or A-Rod. Such is the fate of today’s bargain bite: Porchetta.Roli Roti’s porchetta sandwich is available at the Thursday Ferry Plaza Farmers’ Market. Its kinda a big deal (its been featured in the Wall Street Journal and on the Food Network) so expect a line. 

A “porchetta” is an Italian pork roast: the pork loin and belly are all rolled up with garlic, herbs and salt, then wrapped in its skin and spit-roasted. The meat is unimaginably moist; the outer skin is impossibly crisp. Thick slices of the porchetta are served on a ciabatta roll rubbed with its juices, then slathered with sweet & savory carmelized balsamic onion and peppery arugula.

The end product? A perfect sandwich. Grab an Italian soda from inside the Ferry Building and your total will still come out to less than $10. Just a word of advice though: go now, the lines are only gonna get longer.


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